Ma Vie est un Enfer

Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Inferno.


Wow, I made the graphic for this like, two days ago and I forgot completely it was happening. WELP.

Can’t wait for the new episode of Baman Piderman tomorrow?!!? OH GOD WELL PLEASE, WATCH THIS MARATHON COMPILATION! Thrill at the first twoish episodes where Alex made them himself and they were confusing! Laugh heatily as your favorite characters seem to fall down the stairs a lot?? Cry a little as you relive Pumkin’s slow rot, and only now realize how messed up that is oh god I’m sorry okay. Mondo said those few episodes were very Kubrick and that I was a scary lady. ANYWAY. You should watch this! Why? Well just look at these praise filled Youtube comments:

“Christ some of this shit is scarry.”

Says youtube user BlackSpine90.


Screams BellfordFTW in exclamatory capital letters.

“this is fucking bullshit”

Warns JacobShkrob.

“Where’s dick figures?!!!”

Leslie27109 asks the question we’re all thinking!

The best comment so far is “I loved Batman’s roll in the Dark Knight, he really showed Bane!”

(via alexbutera)

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    What just happened?
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    watch it. its worth it
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    I ship pumpkin and sqib
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    I seriously can’t decide if this is adorable or the creepiest thing I’ve seen since Salad Fingers.
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    i watched the whole thing *oozes around the apt*
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    Oh man guys, I finally watched every episode of this and I’m so happy I did!!!! I just wish I would have watched more of...
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